Stuart Millar - One More Day

Discover Digital are pleased to welcome Stuart Millar to the label with this hot new release called 'One More Day'. A stomping trancer with a pounding kick, panel-thumping techno grooves, and sparkling arpeggios, this track is set to do the damage well into the New Year, with Walsh & McAuley on-board too with a powerful remix.

Clever kick-drum programming and a heavy bassline build tension from the off, heading into an uplifting chorus consisting of a precisely filtered lead plus a warm chord progression. The pace of the original is set firmly at 140bpm, whilst Walsh & McAuley strip the track back to the chords, extending their impact throughout. Combining a pure trance feel with their traditional progressive sound results in a new style for the duo - melodic, uplifting and driving, this remix will surely hit the floors hard.

Paul Oakenfold and Giuseppe Ottaviani are two of Stuart's newest fans and after recent Beatport hits on imprints such as In Trance We Trust, Blue Soho, and Touchstone, we are expecting A-list support once more for 'One More Day'. Do not miss...


  • Stuart Millar - One More Day (Original Mix)
  • Stuart Millar - One More Day (Walsh and McAuley Remix)
'One More Day' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.