John Askew & Matt Hardwick - Live As... Volume 3 (Mixed by Matt Hardwick & John Askew)

Discover Records - part of the stable of labels within the RecoverWorld Group - presents ’Live As…’ the third in the innovative album series.

Mixed club live and box fresh, in Northern Ireland and Lebanon, this album gives the raw appeal that most commercial albums somewhat lack. This is not about a computer mixing an album and someone slapping a name on the cover… here the location gives an intense feel to the experience. Considering both Belfast and Beirut have had their times of conflict, it’s both uplifting and inspiring to hear the crowd on such a high.

After the huge success of ‘Live as Fucking Fuck’ in Jan 2005 the ‘Live As…’ series was born. And what a series it has been. The back-to-basics feel can truly be heard from the thumping beats to the passionate and enthusiastic crowd – it’s as close as you will get to the club experience without actually climbing into your dancing trousers and stepping onto the dancefloor.

This album perfectly captures the energy of the crowd, and what it means for a DJ to be part of that club experience. Drop it onto the stereo and feel a part of that energy as well.



  • Matt Hardwick - Live As... Volume 3 (Mixed by Matt Hardwick) (Continuous Mix)
  • John Askew - Live As... Volume 3 (Mixed by John Askew) (Continuous Mix)
'Live As... Volume 3 (Mixed by Matt Hardwick & John Askew)' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.