Neal Scarborough - Stung on the River

Neal Scarborough has been a prominent fixture on the Irish dance scene for the past seven years. More recently his name has been making serious waves on the international circuit due to the huge success of his Inertia project with John O Callaghan (which saw monster anthems The Chamber and The Emerald making regular appearances in the top 10's and club track listings of every big trance DJ on the circuit) and due to his exciting solo material.

Neal's track Distant Dreams, under the guise Nautical Imagery, was number one in Paul van Dyk's top 10 for some time and was also a firm favourite with the likes of Armin van Buuren – who went on to recruit Neal for remix duties on Armada.

With releases on Afterglow, Armada, Enhanced, Discover and Discover Dark in the bag, there is no doubt that Neal Scarborough is a force to be reckoned with.

Stung on The River is Neals debut solo release for Discover and it showcases his unique sound with great effect. With a wonderful melody and pluck lines coupled with driving drums and crystal clear production this looks set to go down as another big summer track from the Recoverworld Label Group.

Keep your eyes peeled for Neal's massive remix of Thomas Datts Distance – coming soon on Discover Records.

Sean Tyas needs little introduction. Following his huge debut for Discover in the form of 'Lift' he has gone on to remix for just about every cool trance label on the planet!! And this remix of Stung on The River shows exactly why the Americans sound is so in demand. This is, in our eyes, without exception, the biggest remix Sean Tyas has made and we feel fans of the Discover sound will concur.


  • Neal Scarborough - Stung on the River (Original Mix)
  • Neal Scarborough - Stung on the River (Sean Tyas Remix)
'Stung on the River' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.