K90 - Dreamer

In 2002 K90 released one of his most popular anthems to date from the critically acclaimed Urban Anthems album. The track, Dreamer with its unforgettable vocal hook and catchy synth lines made it an instant favourite with DJ's and fans around the globe.

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of this original K90 anthem, a challenge was laid down to all aspiring artists and producers - come up with a remix of the eternal K90 classic. The call was heard…the call was answered.

After a painstaking judging period and a shiny new remix from K90 himself, three winning mixes were carefully selected. These are the results, we hope you enjoy them. May we present our Nu Breed!


  • K90 - Dreamer (Night Terrors Mix )
  • K90 - Dreamer (Future Disciple Mix)
  • K90 - Dreamer (Cheadle & Hubby P.A.S Mix)
  • K90 - Dreamer (AlexMo Mix)
'Dreamer' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.