Various Artists - The Best Of... Nu-Depth Recordings, Vol. 3

Nu Depth Records (and it's associate sister labels) started in 2007 running for over 10 years.

Always considered a sister label to Discover Records, culminating in a management deal under the prestigious Recoverworld Label Group – the home of all things Discover.

Now under exclusive license, we are delighted to bring you a series of compilations covering the output from the superb artists that graced its roster.

Over the course of 7 albums, expect to see tracks and remixes by the likes of Aly & Fila, Indecent Noise, Gary Maguire, Manuel le Saux , Thomas Datt, Ali Wilson.... The list just goes on and on....

Nu Depth was a brilliant label that punched well above its weight and had a track listing to match....

Enjoy the ride.... Enjoy the very best of Nu Depth Recordings.....


  • Stuart James - Linear Movement (Stuart James Eleketec Mix)
  • Ross Anderson & Nick Rowland - Ignite (Estigma Remix)
  • Adam Coppack & Akira Kayosa - Everything Ends (Original Mix)
  • Oen Bearen & TrancEye - Masuo (Original Mix)
  • Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic - Sophia (D-Mad Remix)
  • Guy Mearns - Impulses (Original Mix)
  • Airborne Angel - The Unit (Original Mix)
  • Allan Morrow - Down Under (Original Mix)
  • Robbie Van Doe - Sense Offender (Original Mix)
  • Fast Distance - Point Break (Original Mix)
  • Motion Blur - Liquidity (Michael Dow Remix)
  • Avenger - Music Box (Original Mix)
  • Indecent Noise - Aerospark (Spark Mix)
  • Dave Horne - Pushing Air (Original Mix)
  • Luke Terry - Grey to Green (Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic Remix)
  • Andrew Candid & John Dopping - Polarise (Dopping Shift)
  • Astuni & Manuel Le Saux - Bring It Back (Allan Morrow Remix)
  • Chris Corrigan - Edge of Heaven (Original Mix)
  • Daniel Skyver - Only You (Kinetica Remix)
  • Dreamy - You're Not Me (Original Mix)
  • Matt Skyer - Aura (Original Mix)
  • Matt Davey - Skylines (Original Mix)
  • Tasso - Refined (Acid Mix)
  • Robbie Van Doe - Autumn ()
  • Stuart James - Art Deco (Oen Bearen & Tranceye Remix)
  • Tasso & Daniel Skyver - Do You Copy (Original Mix)
  • Matt Davey - Apocalypse (Matt Skyer Remix)
  • Kinetica & Mike Sanders - Andromeda (Dreamy Remix)
  • Emrah Unturk - Semblance (George Ford Remix)
  • Alan Banks - From Beyond (Manuel Le Saux Remix)
'The Best Of... Nu-Depth Recordings, Vol. 3' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.