Genzuru - Genzuru

Genzuru has been working regulalry with us now for the best part of 2 years.

Originally delivering a superb remix of one of our main artists, Genzuru has since delivered two brilliant singles leading up to this debut album.

His sound is unique, production quality is faultless and he creates a big room sound that fills the room rather than the frequencies.

All the tracks on this album will be avaialble in extended club form with feedback from the first two lead singles (Horizon / Cassini) being off the scale.

There are very few trance producers who's music translates to albums. Genzuru is definitely one of them.



  • Genzuru - Shokai ()
  • Genzuru - Sakura ()
  • Genzuru - Horizon ()
  • Genzuru - Jameelah ()
  • Genzuru - Melancholia ()
  • Genzuru - Phaenon (Radio Edit)
  • Genzuru - Entropy ()
  • Genzuru - Cassini ()
'Genzuru' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.