Various Artists - This Is... Tech Trance, Vol. 3.

Discover Dark has been pioneering the darker side of trance and techno for nearly two decades.

When it comes to the sound that many people refer to as Tech Trance, Discover Dark is one of the worlds key players.

With well over 200 releases to their name, Discover Dark is proud to to bring you the third volume of the collection that brings together some of the biggest tech trance names in the business.

Strap yourself in ...this is huge... this is Discover Dark.... this is Tech Trance 3....


  • Project 8 - The 8th Factor (Original Mix)
  • UP3 - Apollo 503 (Original Mix)
  • Tasso - Airstrikes (Cristian Ketelaars Remix)
  • Omega Drive - Trip to Argentina (Original Mix)
  • Diego Morrill - Caprakan (Original Mix)
  • G8 - Overdrive (Original Mix)
  • Estigma - Lets All Unite (Spencer Hardwick Remix)
  • Jackob Roenald - Nemesia (Original Mix)
  • Origin - Burn Tonight (Original Mix)
  • Active Limbic System & Peetu S - Chain Reaction (Christopher Lawrence Remix)
  • Dwight Glove - The Next Day (Original Mix)
  • Neos - Aztec Roots (Original Mix)
  • Neos - Murderer of Minds (Casey Rasch Remix)
  • G8 - The Riddle (Original Mix)
  • Mark L - Koma (Original Mix)
  • Obi - Punch Punch (Original Mix)
  • John Askew - Vandalism (Vlind Remix)
  • The Avains - We Are Coming (Original Mix)
  • Simon McCann - One Day (Original Mix)
  • Ciro Visone & JTB - No Fear (Original Mix)
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