Mahaputra - Consciousness

Originally released on the Digital label, this flew largely under the radar and now gets the full imprint release that it deserves.

Two mixes are included here - first up is the Conscious State Remix which merges both intense and uplifting trance to superb effect.

The Unconscious State Remix takes things a little deeper in the build with filters and overdrive on the main riff which open up fully in the breakdown for that perfect hands in the air moment.

Kicking back in, its all about the kick, bass and hypnotic vocal samples that underpin the whole thing right through to the outro.

A great release from Mahaputra, packed full of originality but with both eyes kept firmly on the dance floor!


  • Mahaputra - Consciousness (Conscious State Remix)
  • Mahaputra - Consciousness (Unconscious State Remix)
'Consciousness' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.