Various Artists - The Story so Far - 2019 - Compiled and Mixed by Para X

Intense Emotions heads into its 4th year with this beautiful collection of uplifting trance that has defined the label once again to superb acclaim.

The man at the helm, Para X, knows exactly what he is looking for carefully selecting, occasionally remixing and sometimes writing for the label whose integrity he protects like a member of his family.

2019 has been some year for the label and this album shows exactly why!!!


  • TbO & Vega - Just a Fool (Timo Pralle Remix)
  • M3LL B. - Scream (Original Mix)
  • Cedric Lass - Life (Original Mix)
  • Fabrice - Dark Heart (Original Mix)
  • James Dust - Skyfall (Original Mix)
  • Para X - Steps of Eternity (Original Mix)
  • Paravon - Wave of Freedom (Extended Mix)
  • James Dust - Daylight (Para X Remix)
  • James Dust - Watching the Waves (Original Mix)
  • SkyTrancer - Where the Sun Goes Down (Fredd Moz Remix)
  • NuroGL - Plux (Original Mix)
  • Para X - The Story so Far - 2019 (Continuous DJ Mix)
'The Story so Far - 2019 - Compiled and Mixed by Para X' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.