Various Artists - The Story so Far (Mixed and Compiled by Para X)

Intense Emotions and label head honcho Para X have been riding on the crest of a wave in 2018 with international recognition both as an outstanding trance producer and with his label, candidate for one of the most consistent imprints of 2018.

But don't take our word for it as Para X has picked some of his label highlights of the year and mixed them into a glorious journey, guaranteed to satisfy the festive needs of current fans whilst bringing in those of you. who for whatever reason, may have missed some or all of the Intense Emotions releases this year.....

A fantastic producer, who also knows how to pick a tune or two, sit back and enjoy Para X and Intense Emotions, in all their uplifting trance glory.....


  • Para X - Come with Me (Uplifting Mix)
  • Alternate High - Withering Matter (Original Mix)
  • TbO & Vega - The Mystery (Original Mix)
  • DJ Sakin - Desert Rose (Original Mix)
  • Mart Sine - Warsaw (Original Mix)
  • Rohan Murphy - M6 (Original Mix)
  • Para X - My Salvation (Extended Mix)
  • Alternate High - Silent Alteration (Original Mix)
  • Para X - The Story so Far (Continuous DJ Mix)
'The Story so Far (Mixed and Compiled by Para X)' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.