Various Artists - Christmas Eve

Eve Records is a label with pedigree and oozes class with every release.

Since its inception in 1995, it has grown in stature and launched the career of co-founder Pablo Gargano, as well as nurturing some of the worlds leading underground talent such as Marcus Schulz, Force Mass Motion and David Forbes.

We now bring you Christmas Eve - A gift wrapped extravaganza starting with house and tech house grooves and moving slowly through the gears. We have included 24 of the best tracks the label has to offer - a different track for every day of Advent. There are classics from the Recoverworld vaults as well a generous sprinkling of new releases from some of our upcoming talent.

Christmas fun, Christmas spirit, Christmas Eve!


  • Wohlgy - The Game (Original Mix)
  • Bart Marley - Tokyo (Original Mix)
  • Mehlberg - The Hunter (Original Mix)
  • Densch - Bend (Original Mix)
  • Matt Holliday - Moments (Disco District Remix)
  • Chris York - Electronic Music (Original Mix)
  • Grich - Riot (Densch Remix)
  • DJ Pavel S - Samurai (Original Mix)
  • Prole - Touch Me (Original Mix)
  • Nithen - 2D (Original Mix)
  • Drama - The Blue Box (Original Mix)
  • G8 - Inside of Me (Original Mix)
  • T.O.M. - Soulevita (Original Mix)
  • Konstantin Koks - Control of Parallel (Original Mix)
  • Bratis - Endocryne (Original Mix)
  • Doctor Jok - Hard Sound (Original Mix)
  • DJ Pavel S - Take Control (Original Mix)
  • Jaro Sabo - Pray (Spritual Mix)
  • Nicholas Bennison - The Dawning (Original Mix)
  • Kenidel Lopez - Ai Suru (Original Mix)
  • Grenz and Burian - Chapter One (Original Mix)
  • Ron Malakai - Legendary (Original Mix)
  • The Enlightment - Resonance (Original Mix)
  • Drama - Paranormal State (Original Mix)
'Christmas Eve' is available now from Beatport