EVE Records
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EVE Records is a label with a pedigree and tradition that is second to none. It started in 1995 and over the next 8 years went on to deliver 53 single releases plus several albums.

It launched the career of its co-founder Pablo Gargano before diversifying into a platform to release productions from many of the worlds emerging underground talent which included the likes of Markus Schulz, Force Mass Motion and David Forbes.

In 2011, Kerri Sharp took control and gave the label
a new vision and a new direction. Music is extremely important to us and so are the artists involved. We're about getting new and innovative artists out there, creating a buzz, and breaking down the walls created by genre, with an eye kept firmly on the dance floor.

Janco Krale and the T.O.M crew now head the a & r policy which expands into the new decade with fresh vision and a new crop of artists.