Dataless (Backcatalog)
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Dataless Recordings was created by Mark Doggett in the later part of 2003. Mark is also the man behind the DJ and production pseudonym "K90"
who was responsible for a catalogue of high octane dance floor killers including Breathe, Deliverance, Bomb Jack and the unforgettable Red Snapper to name but a few!

More recently he has been working under the name "Sparky Dog" bringing with him an altogether more eclectic set of influences to his music including elements of house, electro, techno and progressive trance.

Dataless Recordings also has the same level of diversity to its catalogue which now stands at over 30 releases.

Originally the label was set up as a vehicle for Mark's own releases, but it quickly became more than that and is now home to a number of producers many of whom have been personally mentored in the Dataless studio by Mark giving the label an inherent guarantee of quality that shines through with every release.