Various Artists - Recoverworld Trance Sessions VII

Recoverworld Trance Sessions continues with its mission to deliver you the very best trance cuts from the cream of the genre's producers.

The true diversity of the trance music genre is reflected here from Jaro Sabo's deep and progressive "Pray" all the way through to the fierce tech trance sound of Indecent Noise's "Acid rampage".

As always there are no fillers and all the tracks are as fresh as they come.

This is without doubt one of the coolest collection series going so ramp up the volume, close your eyes and enjoy the ride.


  • Indecent Noise - Acid Rampage (Original Mix)
  • Gary Maguire - Sunyata (Original Mix)
  • Affective - Gone Clubbing (Original Mix)
  • Ian Booth - The Gold Rush (Original Mix)
  • Matthew Dunne - Punch (Original Mix)
  • Gebriel Brothers - First Light (Original Mix)
  • Jaro Sabo - Pray (Original Mix)
  • DJ Ange - The Last Testament (Original Mix)
  • Sensorica - Masta Of Sound (Original Mix)
  • Will Atkinson - Lights Out (Original Mix)
'Recoverworld Trance Sessions VII' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.