Doctor Jok - Hard Sound / Infinity / Ghost

Doctor Jok joins EVE Records with this suitably dark example of tech noir. Having released records previously on System Recordings, Creative One and Dirty Stuff, Doctor Jok is no stranger to the nuances of minimalist techno.

Kicking off proceedings, 'Hard Sound' rumbles into play with a wickedly-tribal beat, setting off a cities worth of alarm bells and sirens.

'Infinity' then moves deeper into the digital-world with a psychotic groove and a deadly underlying analogue hiss.

'Ghost' rounds off the release with an increasingly frenetic, haunting groove - a truly chilling end.


  • Doctor Jok - Hard Sound (Original Mix)
  • Doctor Jok - Infinity (Original Mix)
  • Doctor Jok - Ghost (Original Mix)
'Hard Sound / Infinity / Ghost' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.