Sparky Dog - Dog Day Afternoon

After a string of succesful singles and remixes on both the Discover Deep and Dataless imprints, Sparky Dog delivers his eagerly awaited debut artist album - Dog Day Afternoon.

Featuring the singles Manhattan Dreams and Now You're Gone this album is all about the party vibe bringing together a feast of musical and party influences.

This is a feel good album from start to finish! From the full on house of the opening track "Love Story" through to the dubstep infused final track "Wolf" , the album moves through the gears smoothly and without pretence.

That "Sparky" certainly knows what buttons to press when comes to club music! Hardly surprising when the man behind Sparky Dog is Mark Doggett who has previously toured the world several times over as K90 together with working as a succesful producer and engineer behind numerous other projects.

Dog Day Afternoon is a celebration of everything that is good about house music. Happy music for happy people guaranteed to bring you that summer feeling 365 days of the year!


  • Sparky Dog - Love Story (DDA Album Edit)
  • Sparky Dog - Now You're Gone (DDA Album Edit)
  • Sparky Dog - Dirty Pretty Things (DDA Album Edit)
  • Sparky Dog - Dog Day Afternoon (DDA Album Edit)
  • Sparky Dog Feat. D Star - Don't Forget Me (DDA Album Edit)
  • Sparky Dog - Beyond The Starz (DDA Album Edit)
  • Sparky Dog Feat. Cat Martin - Manhattan Dreams (DDA Album Edit)
  • Sparky Dog - Glimmer (DDA Album Edit)
  • Sparky Dog - Metamorphose (DDA Album Edit)
  • Sparky Dog - Wolf (DDA Album Edit)
  • Sparky Dog - Dog Day Afternoon (Continuous DJ Mix)
'Dog Day Afternoon' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.