Thomas Datt - Chilled Trance

With the Ibiza season rapidly approaching Flux Delux brings you an album of the very best Chill out remixes and original tracks perfect for the terrace at sunrise or those hot lazy afternoons

The album itself is mixed by New York's chilled trance supremo Thomas Datt who also wrote or remixed nearly half the tracks including several exclusives to the album.

These tracks sit side by side with chill out versions of tracks by Sean Tyas, John Askew, Activa and Ben Gold with the last two featuring sublime vocals by Julie Harrington and Senadee respectively..

This is a massive collection of some of the very best uplifting chill out by some of today's coolest producers......

The summer is about to begin, so sit back and relax with some of the very best chill out music - mixed to perfection by Thomas Datt...


  • Senadee - My Fault (Thomas Datt Chilled Mix)
  • Thomas Datt - Dark Angel (Original Mix)
  • Thomas Datt and Robert Nickson - Tabla Mizma (Chilled Datt Remix)
  • Chris Hampshire and Thomas Datt Feat. Senadee - Speed Of Light (Chill Out Mix)
  • Thomas Datt - Phoenix Burn (Chilled Datt Remix)
  • John Askew - Beirut (Original Mix)
  • Activa Feat. Julie Harrington - You Are Here (Ambient Mix)
  • Activa - Eternity And A Day (Ambient Mix)
  • Sean Tyas - Melbourne (Proyal Bright Remix)
  • Ben Gold Feat. Senadee - Today (Chilled Datt Remix)
  • Activa Feat. Julie Harrington - Away From This (Ambient Mix)
  • John Askew - Anxiety Attack (Original Mix)
  • Thomas Datt - Chilled Trance (Continuous Mix)
'Chilled Trance' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.