Liquid Vision - At Long Last / Rocker Rocker

Scottish producer Liquid Vision has one of the longest production credit list we have ever seen stretching back the best part of a decade.

With all this experience, you have every right to expect the highest quality and you will not be disappointed.

At Long Last originally featured on Sly one versus Jurrane's Global Trance UK album and is a superb example of deep progressive trance full of squelches, stabs, rising melodic pads set over a deep infectious groove.

Rocker Rocker continues the deep progressive theme which is punctuated by hints of melody a subtle gated pads that quite simply wash over you.

Pure undiluted quality from Liquid Vision!!!


  • Liquid Vision - At Long Last (Original Mix)
  • Liquid Vision - Rocker Rocker (Original Mix)
'At Long Last / Rocker Rocker' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.