John O'Callaghan - Live As.volume 2 (Mixed by John O'callaghan)

So here we are, the second chapter in the Live As series. And what a night it was! The legendary Inside Out crowd were out in force, full of Christmas cheer and ready to rock the very foundations of Glasgow s infamous Arches nightclub. O'Callaghans mix is an absolute belter featuring the hottest tracks from one of the most in demand record boxes in the world right now.

So get the CD on.. crank it up to 11 and lets go. Live As F*ck!!!



  • John O'Callaghan - Live As... Volume 2 (Mixed by John O'callaghan) (Continuous Mix)
'Live As.volume 2 (Mixed by John O'callaghan)' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.