Various Artists - Underground Anthems 2 (Mixed by Manuel Le Saux)

The second in the “Underground Anthems” series brings you one of Europe’s fastest rising stars, Manuel Le Saux mixing the compilation that puts some of the very best producers and releases next to some of the most exciting emerging new talent. Hardwick, Datt, Activa, Tyas and Colontonio sit alongside the producers for the future and take you on a journey through some of the coolest trance tracks of 2009. Seamlessly mixed by Manuel and including two of his newest tunes that are as yet unreleased, the mixed CD is perfect pre or post club fodder whilst the DJ’s amongst you will love the download bundle that will include every track in its full length unmixed entirety.

Definitely one for the summer, this CD shows Manuel Le Saux at his production and DJ’ing best delivering track after track of blistering hi-quality trance!


  • Chris Hampshire & Bissen - The Vault (Original Mix)
  • Frase - No Way Through (Original Mix)
  • Matt Hardwick - I Am Dj (Ben Gold Remix)
  • Thomas Datt - Mass Effect (Original Mix)
  • Activa vs. Chris and Matt Kidd - U.R. (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
  • Vicky Devine - Facing The Truth (Danny Powers Remix)
  • Various Artists - Reflex (Original Mix)
  • Niklas Grosswald - Backdraft (Original Mix)
  • Garry Heaney - Too Far Gone (Original Mix)
  • Tom Colontonio - Mercury Retrograde (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
  • Sean Tyas - Melbourne (Original Mix)
  • Oliver Brooks - One Night in Gaunt Street (Original Mix)
  • Manuel Le Saux - Lost Odyssey (Original Mix)
  • Activa - This World (Original Mix)
  • Kane Nelson - Red Trigger (Original Mix)
  • Activa - Affirmation (Tom Colontonio Remix)
  • Bryan Kearney - You Will Never Be Forgotten (Activa Remix)
  • Tiddey - Taylla (Original Mix)
  • Various Artists - Underground Anthems 2 (Mixed by Manuel Le Saux) (Continuous Mix)
'Underground Anthems 2 (Mixed by Manuel Le Saux)' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.