K90 - Bring The Noise

K90 is back on Recover for this our 39th release giving with one of the most popular tracks from his current live set.

Bring on the Noise features on both his recent albums, The Inner Limits and Destinations and delivers a combination of all the classic K90 ingredients – pace, tight percussion, thundering bass and that trademark K90 hook.

Coming into 2005, K90 was already one of the UK’s biggest underground trance artists.

This was backed up by huge sales of the singles Red Snapper and Energize, also on Recover. 2005 has seen him make the leap still further into mix album territory and he has recently mixed one of the Wildchild Cd’s together with the forthcoming Recoverworld album.

Remix is supplied by Vince Nysse who is signed to Incentive, Blackhole, Turbulence and of course Recover.


  • K90 - Bring The Noise (Original Mix)
  • K90 - Bring The Noise (Vince Nysse Mix)
'Bring The Noise' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.