Various Artists - Recoverworld Trance 2011.07

Recoverworld Trance steps up for 7th in our monthly collection series that brings you some of the release highlights from the worlds coolest producers.

Once again, established producers like Lisa Lashes, Activa, K90 and Sly One versus Jurrane, sit side by side with some of the most exciting new producers in the business.

Yet again this is a no fill zone with all of the tracks on this collection having featured as full releases on some of the worlds best labels and on the turntables of the worlds coolest DJ's.

The Ibiza series may be drawing to a close but this collection will bring you the sound of the big room long after the nights have drawn in and the sun has gone down.


  • Prajex - Focus (Seacroft's Chilled Experience)
  • Sparky Dog Feat. Cat Martin - Manhattan Dreams (Extended Dub Mix)
  • Lisa Lashes - Numero Uno (Original Mix)
  • Nexus 3 - State of Wonder (Original Mix)
  • Sly One vs Jurrane - Open Roads (Original Mix)
  • K90 - Red Snapper (Harry Dyer Remix)
  • Ja-Karta - Envisioned Conquest (Arjona Remix)
  • Ray Tian - Salute (Gebriel Brothers Remix)
  • Activa Feat. Julie Harrington - Stronger (Activa pres. Solar Movement Remix)
  • Channel Surfer - Gone But Not Forgotten (Original Mix)
  • Drama - Point Break (Original Mix)
  • DJ Ange - Penn Road (Original Mix)
  • Sly One vs Jurrane - Tayrona (Original Mix)
  • Ex-Driver - Final Approach (Original Mix)
  • Cenk Basaran - Red Alert (Original Mix)
'Recoverworld Trance 2011.07' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.