K90 - Destinations

K90's third album focusing on his live set at the time is one for both nostalgia heads and new fans alike who want to relive the excitement and euphoria of a full on peak time K90 set.

Previously only available on CD, this digital version now brings the original album to you in full glory with the added benefit of individual tracks.


  • K90 - Bomb Jack (Original '99 Version)
  • K90 - Cosmos (Wavetraxx Remix)
  • K90 - Hyper Intelligence (Marc Michaels Remix)
  • K90 - Energize (Original Mix)
  • K90 - Red Snapper (Destinations Re Dub )
  • K90 - A.X.I.S (Original Mix)
  • K90 - Ghosts in the Machine (Original Mix)
  • K90 - Super Space (Original Mix)
  • K90 - Bring The Noise (Original Mix)
  • K90 - Breathe (Original Mix)
  • K90 - Into the Future (Original Mix)
  • K90 - Liberated (Featuring Nikita) (Original Mix)
  • K90 - Destinations (Continuous Mix)
'Destinations' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.