K90 - Urban Anthems

The superb debut artist album from K90 is now available digitally for the very first time.

The album is packed with classics including anthems such as Red Snapper, Breathe, Chemical Love and Deliverance and comes including the original full length DJ Mix together with all the original tracks in their full unedited and remastered glory.

At the time this album was originally released K90 was at the top of the genre they called hard trance. Now nearly 10 years on the digital re-release looks set to gain a new legion of fans whilst simultaneously refilling the MP3 players of the nostalgic masses that remember it the first time around.


  • K90 - Universe (Original Mix)
  • K90 - Sentinel (Original Mix)
  • K90 - Bomb Jack (Urban Anthems Remix)
  • K90 - Colours (Urban Anthems Remix)
  • K90 - Dreamer (Original Mix)
  • K90 - Transformers (Original Mix)
  • K90 - Chemical Love (Original Mix)
  • K90 - Breathe (Original Mix)
  • K90 - Red Snapper (Original Mix)
  • Girotondo - Ultimate Frontiers (K90 Remix)
  • K90 - Deliverance (Original Mix)
  • K90 - Urban Anthems (Continuous Mix)
'Urban Anthems' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.