John Askew - Bad Apple

Bad Apple is the first single on the label from John Askew since the massive Fade to Black - from his acclaimed album Z List Uber Star.

Bad Apple is a trademark Discover sounding track with all the classic Askew sounds and hooks. Already supported by Paul Van Dyk, John O Callaghan and Eddie Halliwell, Bad Apple is set to be another anthem in the Discover catalogue and a hit with the true fans and followers of the label.

The release also features 3 other massive remixes from Discover headliners Sly One vs Jurrane, Danny Powers from Nu Depth and legendary German producer Tillmann Uhrmacher. Each of them showcases a different take on the original melody.


  • John Askew - Bad Apple (Original Mix)
  • John Askew - Bad Apple (Sly One Vs Jurrane Remix)
  • John Askew - Bad Apple (Tillman Uhrmacher Remix)
  • John Askew - Bad Apple (Danny Powers Remix)
'Bad Apple' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.