John Askew - Homesick / All Or Nothing

John Askew is back with probably his biggest release to date in the form of Discover 19. Timed perfectly to coincide with the release of his debut album 'Lower The Tone' the press on Askew is huge in early 2006. Not only that but he commands a loyal listenership of 50000 for his Monday night Kiss radio show and as the A + R and face of Discover Records, his profile just keeps growing.

He is one of Van Buuren's and Van Dyk's favourite producers, the latter inviting him to personally play with him at one of his infamous Berlin parties in December and both 'Homesick' and 'All or Nothing' have been cained by them since they were given the tracks on CD promo. Of the two tracks, All or Nothing is taken from the previously mentioned debut album and is the deeper track from the two but with a cool 'funked up ' feel to it that whilst having that trademark Askew sound, still manages to ooze individuality. 'Homesick' has a more riff based vibe and gives out that classic 'hands in the air' feel that still avoids those awful trance clichés.

With all the reviews, features and hype surrounding the album this 12' release combines perfectly a vinyl version of one of the new tracks on the album together with a brand new track which we think is one of his best to date.


  • John Askew - Homesick (Original Mix)
  • John Askew - All Or Nothing (Original Mix)
'Homesick / All Or Nothing' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.