Various Artists - Recoverworld Trance 2011.03

The third volume of the Recoverworld Trance series delivers another collection of massive tracks to add to your collection.

The tracks themselves range across the trance spectrum from the slower 130 bpm progressive influenced trance right up to borderline techno.

As always, we have put established names such as Activa, Sly One versus Jurrane, LIsa Lashes, Bissen and Lee Haslam next to some of the most exciting new producers coming through such as Katy Rutkovski, Estigma, Leibo and many more.

This is a "must have" collection of tracks, many still on the decks of the worlds biggest DJ's.

As always, the Recoverworld Trance Collection's bring you the very best music, cherry picked for your enjoyment...

It does not get bigger or better than this.....


  • Activa - Telic (Part One)
  • Katy Rutkovski - Polar Lights (Ex-Driver's Progressive Remix)
  • Michael Dow - Darkstar (Original Mix)
  • Osaru - Synapse (Original Mix)
  • Bissen Feat. Victoria Gross - Give It Away (Original Mix)
  • Indecent Noise - Battlestar (Original Mix)
  • Ian Booth - Enigma (Adam Brooks and Will Rees Remix)
  • Corti Organ Feat. Gitano - Running High (Parasympaticus Mix)
  • Haris C - Time To Say Goodbye (Sly One vs Jurrane Remix)
  • Bryn Whiting - Out Of The Dark & Into The Light (Original Mix)
  • Leibo - Phantomania (Lee Haslam Remix)
  • Aspiration - Reaching Out (Original Mix)
  • Lisa Lashes - Bring On In (Original Mix)
  • Estigma - Broken (Original Mix)
'Recoverworld Trance 2011.03' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.