Various Artists - Slinky 14th Anniversary Collection

With Slinky's 14th birthday celebrations just around the corner, it is fitting that Slinky's label should bring out an album to mark the event and this 20 track collection does this in fine style.

Stretching back to the very first Slinky Digital release with the classic Frase remix of Lost Witness "Dreams" right up to the superb remixed re release of Lee Haslam's "The Future", this collection delivers an intoxicating mixture of classic and current tracks that illustrate exactly what Slinky is all about.

There can't be many dance music fans out there that haven't been to at least one of their events, listened to their radio show or seen one of the many DJ's that have graced their decks and this collection is a must for both fans of the brand and dance music in general.

Happy Birthday Slinky!! Thank you for the past, the present and the future!


  • Lost Witness - Dreams (Frase Remix)
  • Haslam and Mearns - Crush (Dav Gomrass Remix)
  • Michael Dow - Just Browsing (Original Mix)
  • Guy Mearns - Don't Hold Back (Original Mix)
  • Lee Haslam - Bad Boy (The Shy Brothers Remix)
  • Guy Mearns - Sunbeam (Original Mix)
  • Allen and Donaghy - Activ8 (Original Mix)
  • Foylee - Hot Fuzz (Original Mix)
  • The Act - Something About U (Will Atkinson’s Tribal Rerub)
  • Pants and Corset - Malice in Wonderland (Michael Dow Remix)
  • Oliver Brookes Presents Mandown - See You There (Original Mix)
  • Stuart Donaghy - Rapture (Original Mix)
  • Kayosa and Tolland - The Story (Original Mix)
  • Lee Haslam - Moscow Mule (Mac & Taylor’s 2AM Remix)
  • Matthew Dunne - Something Similar, Very Different (Original Mix)
  • Bryn Whiting - Father (Original Mix)
  • Michael Dow - The Tribe (Original Mix)
  • Osaru - Synapse (Original Mix)
  • Leibo - Phantomania (Original Mix)
  • Lee Haslam - The Future (Lee's 2011 Re-Rub)
'Slinky 14th Anniversary Collection' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.