Ian O'Shea - Star Vision

As Dataless Recordings officially joins Recoverworld Label Management we are delighted to offer the first release in their exciting schedule for 2011.

For those of you with clear memories you will recall that label owner K90 originally cut his teeth with a series of classic single releases and albums on our Telica and Recover labels and we are delighted to welcome his label and all its associated talent back into the fold.

Guided delicately through K90's Studio & Tuition programme, newcomer Ian O'Shea bursts onto the scene with a supreme debut offering - Star Vision.

The release not only showcases Ian's obvious talents as a producer, but someone with his finger firmly on the pulse of NOW offering both classic trance style original and razor sharp progressive mixes on his first release.


  • Ian O'Shea - Star Vision (Razors Edge Remix)
  • Ian O'Shea - Star Vision (Original Mix)
'Star Vision' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.