Various Artists - 50 Tech Trance Tunes

Discover Dark has been pioneering the darker side of trance and techno for over 5 years now. When it comes to the sound that many people refer to as Tech Trance, Discover Dark is one of the worlds key players.

Having just passed our half century of releases, we are proud to bring you a collection of 50 of the best techno and trance crossover tracks by some of the worlds biggest producers.

John Askew, John O'Callaghan, Sean Tyas, Activa, Matt Hardwick, Axel Karakasis, Greg Downey, Lisa Lashes - to name just a few, all help to make up one of the biggest collections of this genre ever put together on one album.

50 huge tracks!! It really does not get any bigger or any better than this.

Over 3 hours of deep and dark Techno and Trance taking you straight to the darkest corners of the dirtiest clubs at the very peak of peak time mayhem.

This is Discover Dark!!!


  • John Askew - Blackout (Original Mix)
  • Castaneda - Oceanborn (Original Mix)
  • John O'Callaghan - Stormy Clouds (Greg Downey Mix)
  • Arc In The Sky - Kissed (Narthex Mix)
  • Sensorica - Train of Thought (Original Mix)
  • John O'Callaghan - Vendetta (Original Mix)
  • John Askew and Matt Hardwick - Slaves To The Machine (Original Mix)
  • Nick Sentience and John Askew - Mind Control (Thomas Bronzwaer Remix)
  • Mekk - Twisted (Original Mix)
  • Danny Oliveira - Drop It Your Love (DJ Jack Makes You Drop Remix)
  • Greg Downey - The Instigator (Original Mix)
  • Gate 42 - Danger (Original Mix)
  • O'Callaghan and Kearney - Pendulum (Original Mix)
  • Sly One vs Jurrane - Timebomb (Original Mix)
  • Bryan Kearney - More to Life (Original Mix)
  • John Askew - Battery Acid (Force Mass Motion Remix)
  • Tom Colontonio - Suspect (Apogee Remix)
  • John Askew - The Advent of Us (Pedro Delgardo Remix)
  • Mekk V - Resistance (Activa Vs. Mekk Mix)
  • Axel Karakasis - Flying Area (Original Mix)
  • Gate 42 - Violet (Original Mix)
  • Krzysztof Chochlow - Express (Original Mix)
  • Greg Downey - King Dong (Original Mix)
  • Drama - Silver Haze (Mekk V Tech Rework)
  • John Askew - Z List Uber Star (Original Mix)
  • Dave Schiemann - Shade (Original Mix)
  • Peetu S - Drowned (Original Mix)
  • DJ Choose Pres. Powersweep - Ghost Porn (Original Mix)
  • Gary Maguire - Borderline (Original Mix)
  • Axel Karakasis - The Darkside (Original Mix)
  • Johan Ekman - Shade Of Your Soul (Original Mix)
  • Mekk V - Embryo (Reaky Mix)
  • DJ Jack - Da Bomb (Original Mix)
  • Chris and Matt Kidd - Compulsive (Original Mix)
  • Spencer - Spark Plug (Original Mix)
  • Sean Tyas - Rulebook (Original Mix)
  • FFW - The Infitinty Link (Original Mix)
  • Gary Maguire - Bananas (Original Mix)
  • Adam Foley - Trip Switch (Original Mix)
  • Activa Feat. Peetu S - Wargame (Original Mix)
  • Chris De Seed Presents De Inspiration - Green Hills (Original Mix)
  • Chris Kidd & Matt Kidd - Global (Original Mix)
  • John Askew - Vandalism (Joint Operations Centre Remix)
  • Will Rees - Drop Acid (Original Mix)
  • Des McMahon - Crack the Whip (Original Mix)
  • Indecent Noise - Civitanova (Original Mix)
  • Ian Booth - The Gold Rush (Tom Lavin & Adrohan Remix)
  • Pedro Delgardo vs Reaky - Eskylator (Peetu S Remix)
  • Gary Maguire - Poisoned Mind (Original Mix)
  • Lisa Lashes - 12 Hours in Brixton (Mix 2)
'50 Tech Trance Tunes' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.