Various Artists - Underground Trance Anthems

Underground Trance Anthem's is a collection of big room tunes you would expect to hear being played at the coolest clubs by the worlds best DJ's.

Not only is this collection as current as it gets, these tracks have been supported by DJ's that include Armin Van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, Activa, Sean Tyas, John Askew and John O'Callaghan to name just a few.

Each track is in its full length glory and ready to get you in the mood before the club, keep you in the mood after the club or to set the mood at the club.


  • Vol Deeman - Falling Stars (Original Mix)
  • Nick Callaghan & Will Atkinson - Eastern Spirit (Ian Betts Remix)
  • Matt Hardwick - In My Mind (Original Mix)
  • Mike Levy - Optical Delusion (Gary Maguire Remix)
  • Peetu S - Scorpion (Lee Haslam's Stinger Remix)
  • Hughes and Ballantine - Jawbreak-R (Original Mix)
  • Manuel Le Saux - Capricorn (Original Mix)
  • Cenk Basaran - Lost Memories (Original Mix)
  • Drama - 13 Weeks (Original Mix)
  • Lee and Slater - Go with the Dryness (Trance Mix)
  • Dimension - Vulcano (Original Mix)
  • Lee Haslam - Crash, Bang, Wallop! (Original Mix)
  • Aled Mann - When I'm with You (Original Mix)
  • Icone - Lightspeed (Original Mix)
  • Matt Skyer - Aura (Original Mix)
'Underground Trance Anthems' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.