James Black Presents - The Dark Room (Feat. John Robertson)

James Black continues with what is turning out to be a fantastic year for him. His live streams increase in popularity on a weekly basis and his peer support now includes Fatboy Slim for his cheeky little Massive Attack bootleg.

The Dark Room is another James Black banger - with 303 mayhem all the way and a brilliant vocal sample from John Robertson.

Now if you haven't heard of John Robertson before, rest assured you need this man in your life.

Check out thejohnrobertson dot com and prepare yourself for one of the most original and innovative comedy experiences you are ever likely to have. Described as "comedy through fear" this will blow your mind and we feel privileged (and a bit afraid) to have been able to use the official vox of the man himself.

Discover Dark v The Dark Room..... only one winner - and its probably not us!!!!


  • James Black Presents - The Dark Room (Original Mix)
'The Dark Room (Feat. John Robertson)' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.