James Black Presents - Time Is the Fire

With James Black on fire at the moment coming to the attention of Fatboy Slim with his cheeky remix of Massive Attack's, Unfinished Sympathy and a brilliant lockdown radio show, Time is the Fire is a brilliant and timely new release.

The original is stark and tough with a filtered melody that pulsates throughout against gated pads and cool production FX.

Genzuru is on remix duty. This is a debut release from this producer and it is simply huge. Upon hearing it, James Black insisted that it was the lead track - high praise indeed together with early support from Dave Pearce.

Video teasers have brought high praise from all quarters. This is massive with plenty more to follow from Genzuru!!!


  • James Black Presents - Time Is the Fire (Genzuru Remix)
  • James Black Presents - Time Is the Fire (Original Mix)
'Time Is the Fire' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.