Various Artists - Tranceology 2015: An Anthology of Recoverworld Classics

Tranceology has reached 2015 ..............

The latest edition of this ever popular series of releases includes some of the fiercest releases from the year including tracks from Oberon, Misja Helsloot, Para X, Aizen, Cenk Basaran and many more.

For any lover of quality music, this incredible series is a must! Tranceology - music for a trance generation!


  • Misja Helsloot - Precious (Original Mix)
  • Para X - Laguna (Original Mix)
  • Accelerator & Johnny The Boy - The Last Soldier (Original Mix)
  • Jimmy Chou - Home Again (Original Mix)
  • Cenk Basaran - Daywalker (Opt-In Remix)
  • Andy Cain - Adrift (Original Mix)
  • JP Bates - Syndrome (Original Mix)
  • Oberon - Different World (The Technicians Remix)
  • Darkwinder - Voice of Armiti (Original Mix)
  • Origin - Ashes (Original Mix)
  • Aizen - District Zero (Original Mix)
  • Mark L - Collision (Original Mix)
  • Active Limbic System & Peetu S - Chain Reaction (Original Mix)
  • Polyamoris - 5th Base (Original Mix)
  • Robbie Van Doe - Haywire (Kinetica Remix)
'Tranceology 2015: An Anthology of Recoverworld Classics' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.