DJ Sakin & KoRay - Black Sun

DJ Sakin and KoRay return to Discover with a collaboration that has resulted in two stunning remixes from each of them as individuals.

First up is DJ Sakin's remix. A tune with pedigree and class that delivers anthemic qualities and a feel good factor that builds throughout. Melodies. counter melodies and bags of production trickery - this has it all.

KoRay continues the theme. If this was a musical boxing match this would be a world title clash of the heavyweights. Beautifully put together - it's hard to choose between these two versions.

Thankfully you don't have to! This is both DJ Sakin and KoRay, separately in the remixes, but with a shared vision.


  • DJ Sakin & KoRay - Black Sun (DJ Sakin Mix)
  • DJ Sakin & KoRay - Black Sun (KoRay Mix)
'Black Sun' is available now from Beatport