Various Artists - Achromania - A Journey Through White Label Trance, Vol. 10

Achromania - A journey through White Label Trance, has reached its 10th edition. It includes the latest releases, as well as some banging classics.

It embraces new talent and individuality and is standing tall next to its sister label Discover Dark - often providing a showcase and a platform for artist who well and truly understand the concept of the darker side of electronica

Shaping up to be a major player in the world of tech-trance, psy-trance and psy-tek, we present 15 tracks from artists including

The sounds defy the laws of conventionality, the artists defy the laws of conformity. This is the sound of white label trance - This is the sound of Discover White Label.


  • F1END - Free Your Mind (Original Mix)
  • Alvaro Santis - Caronte (Original Mix)
  • Edward South - Cosmic Gate (Original Mix)
  • Andy Cain - Adrift (Original Mix)
  • Adam Reece - Chemical Lazy (Original Mix)
  • Jonathan Carvajal - Falling Man (Jimmy Chou's Search and Rescue Remix)
  • Airborne US - Kraken (Original Mix)
  • Impulse Wave - Neuron (Original Mix)
  • James Black Presents - Power Surge (Original Mix)
  • Code Cypher - Valyrian Fire (Original Mix)
  • John Askew - Homesick (ReOrder Deep Mix)
  • Alvaro Santis - The Rock (Original Mix)
  • Tonerush - Blackout (Original Mix)
  • Michael Kaelios - Dark Path (Original Mix)
  • Gary Maguire - Secrets (Michael Hutcheson Rework)
'Achromania - A Journey Through White Label Trance, Vol. 10' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.