Various Artists - Turn on the Dark (Mixed by Oberon)

Having returned from a three year stint, living in Argentina and playing alongside the world's most established underground trance and psy trance artists at the legendary club known as Magic, Oberon wasted no time at all in getting back into the studio.

Fast forward to 2013 and following on from a string of successful releases on Discover Dark, Oberon decided to fuse the underground sounds of psy and tech trance, resulting in his first release on Discover Dark- The hugely successful EP 'Danger Ahead and Dangerous Journey'.

Soon after, he took over the position of A&R at the label and proceeded to steer the trance scene into deeper, darker undiscovered territory, blending the production techniques of tech and psy trance, making each genre more easily accessible to those unfamiliar with the style of the other.

The result is a massive catalogue of releases that have impacted on the whole of the trance scene. From the biggest names at the biggest clubs and festivals, to the unheard of illegal parties- almost everyone has touched on the sound of psy-tek at some time and it still takes pride of place in the sets of many top DJ's of today.

With release after release scoring high in the charts, Oberon has established himself as the undisputed heavyweight of psy-tek. Some may claim to be on the dark-side or part of the underground of trance scene but Oberon is the real deal, pushing the uncompromising sound of global underground trance in new directions. He continues to take risks - forging pathways where many fear to tread.

Lightweight pretenders need not apply. They are quickly dismissed when faced with the Champion. This compilation typifies the Oberon sound- with tight riffs over rolling basslines, sparse melodies giving way to more heads down and driving rhythms.

This is not for the faint hearted! This compilation contains 33 tracks from artists including Greg Downey, John Askew, Neos, Zach Zlov, Diego Morrill, Jamie Drummond and many more. It also has material from the man himself, an exclusive, never released remix of "Dangerous Journey", two massive mixes and over three hours of continuous music!!

This is a journey like no other. Hold on tight and unleash your inner psy-tek beast! Because this is the Master. This is Oberon!


  • Changes - The Beginning (Original Mix)
  • Michael Milov - It's Coming This Way (Original Mix)
  • Neos - Murderer of Minds (Original Mix)
  • R.E.L.O.A.D. - Now I'm Disturbed (Splattered Implant Remix)
  • Oberon - Numbers in the Sky (Original Mix)
  • Neos & Olbaid - Ancient Gods (Original Mix)
  • Active Limbic System & Peetu S - Chain Reaction (Christopher Lawrence Remix)
  • Oberon - Dangrous Journey (Underground Mix)
  • The Technicians - The Power of the Darkside (Re:Creation Remix)
  • Oberon - Stabilised (Original Mix)
  • Ellez Ria - Revelation (Original Mix)
  • Diego Morrill - Caprakan (Original Mix)
  • Yan Weinstock - 1986 (Neos Remix)
  • Oberon - Dead Dreams (Original Mix)
  • Oberon - The Rainbow Hunter (Original Mix)
  • Changes - Evolution of Language (Original Mix)
  • Solar Activity - The Abductor of Time (Original Mix)
  • Like It Pro - G-281 (Original Mix)
  • Oberon - Spoonbender (Original Mix)
  • Chris Voro - Anathema (Casey Rasch Remix)
  • Neos - Aztec Roots (Diego Morrill's Manticore Mix)
  • Diego Morrill - Manticore's Soul (Original Mix)
  • Oberon - Different World (Original Mix)
  • Oberon - Electric Chair (Original Mix)
  • Oberon - Danger Ahead (Original Mix)
  • Miles - Fragments (Tasso Remix)
  • Peter Plaznik - Psychotria Viridis (Original Mix)
  • Greg Downey - King Dong (Oberon's 12" Remix)
  • Clay C - Paranoid (Original Mix)
  • John Askew - Giving You Acid (Harmonic Rush 'On Salvia' Remix)
  • Jamie Drummond - Magic Man (Oberon's Trickster Remix)
  • Diego Morrill - Furias (Original Mix)
  • Zach Zlov - Tractatus (Original Mix)
  • Oberon - Turn on the Dark (Psy-Tek Mega Mix Pt. 1)
  • Oberon - Turn on the Dark (Psy-Tek Mega Mix Pt. 2)
'Turn on the Dark (Mixed by Oberon)' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.