Various Artists - The Dark Side of Trance - Bad Resolution, Vol. 3

Recoverworld is back to banish those festive hangovers!

Tuck in to lashings of psy-trance and tech-trance as your New Year Resolutions come tumbling down one by one.

Liam Wilson, John Askew, Oberon, Glynn Alan, Peter Plaznik, Channel Surfer and Neos all help to give you a kick up the proverbial backside and set you back on track for one more year of failed expectations!

As we always say here at Recoverworld Towers, its always better to burn out, than fade away!


  • John Askew - Vandalism (Vlind Remix)
  • Obi - Punch Punch (Original Mix)
  • Mark L - Koma (Original Mix)
  • Simon McCann - One Day (Original Mix)
  • Channel Surfer - Life: The Sequel (Original Mix)
  • Peter Plaznik - Psychotria Viridis (Original Mix)
  • Peter Hulsmans & Julie Harrington - Blue Monday (Instrumental Mix)
  • Oberon - Spoonbender (Original Mix)
  • John Askew - Chime (Ehren Stowers Remix)
  • Clay C - Different Code (Original Mix)
  • Glynn Alan - Bitter (Original Mix)
  • Liam Wilson - Raindrop (Almar Remix)
  • Neos - Murderer of Minds (Original Mix)
  • D'nial - Adrenaline (Original Mix)
  • The Avains - We Are Coming (Original Mix)
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