Various Artists - The Dark Side of Trance

The witching hour is upon us and Flux Delux returns with the hugely successful 'THE DAY OF THE DEAD' series, in celebration of 'Dia de los Muertos'.

Volume three gives you more blood curdling trance, psy trance and tech trance, capable of raising the dead, sending chills down your spine and striking fear in your heart!!

Our dark lords of terror unleash their deadly beats and this edition brings you tracks from Oberon, Clay C, Neos, Diego Morrill, Zach Zlov, John Askew, Laura May, Ellez Ria and many more.

Lock your doors, and turn up the volume! Its time to celebrate undead!


  • Mitex - Overcharge (Original Mix)
  • Mark Eworth & Trizet - Dark Revival (Original Mix)
  • Ciro Visone & JTB - No Fear (Original Mix)
  • Laura May - Quaaludes (Original Mix)
  • Neos - Murderer of Minds (Original Mix)
  • Ellez Ria - Revelation (Original Mix)
  • John Askew - The Witch (Sensualise Remix)
  • Diego Morrill - Furias (Original Mix)
  • Dave Schiemann - Shade (Bryan Kearney Remix)
  • Mark L - Koma (Original Mix)
  • Zach Zlov - The Crow (Original Mix)
  • Dwight Glove - Elevator (Original Mix)
  • UP3 - Muriki (Original Mix)
  • Oberon - Spoonbender (Original Mix)
  • Clay C - Different Code (Original Mix)
'The Dark Side of Trance' is available now from Beatport