Various Artists - Dark Sessions Radio 022 (Mixed by Oberon)

The Dark Lord of Trance himself, Oberon has long been a formidable force in the scene.

As A&R of the Discover Dark label and having curated and mixed the Discover Dark 100 album, Oberon is also the host of the monthly 'Dark Sessions Radio' series.

2016 continues with the ever popular radio shows, which continue to grow in reach and reputation. Each episode is accompanied with a complete digital download, which is also available on streaming services.

The album contains a continuous mix put together by the man himself and is exemplary of his outstanding mixing ability.

Are you afraid of the dark?! You should be!


  • Miles - Syre (Original Mix)
  • Mike Squillo - Thanos (Original Mix)
  • Tasso - Exploitation (David Rust Remix)
  • Jackob Roenald - Nemesia (Project 8 Remix)
  • Alvaro Santis - Peak Rush (Original Mix)
  • Active Limbic System & Peetu S - Chain Reaction (Christopher Lawrence Remix)
  • Estigma - Lets All Unite (Spencer Hardwick Remix)
  • Johann Stone - Gnarly (Original Mix)
  • Skyborn - Sand Dancer (Original Mix)
  • Various Artists - New World Disorder (Original Mix)
  • Active Limbic System & Peetu S - Chain Reaction (Original Mix)
  • Oberon - Dark Sessions Radio 022 (Continuous DJ Mix)
'Dark Sessions Radio 022 (Mixed by Oberon)' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.