Various Artists - Recoverworld Trance Sessions 16.12

2016 was a huge year for Recoverworld and all of its member labels with our artists producing tracks that continually graced the playlists of both the grass roots and the elite of the underground trance scene.

Trance Sessions brings together many of the highlights of the last 12 months helping you to complete your collections and find a few gems that may have slipped under the radar.

The tracklists and the quality speak for themselves.

This is underground trance at its very best!!


  • Manuel Le Saux - Santa Monica (Darren Porter Remix)
  • Deems - Tears of Hope (Ciro Visone Rework)
  • G8 - Albino Pigs Are Cute (Original Mix)
  • The Avains - We Are Coming (Original Mix)
  • Casey Rasch - Wrong Turn (Original Mix)
  • Para X - World of Illusion (Original Mix)
  • Janina T - Ketanoche (Zach Zlov Rework)
  • Kiran M Sajeev - Once Again (Original Mix)
  • Oberon - Spoonbender (Original Mix)
  • Vita - The Prophecy (Original Mix)
  • Ikerya Project & Kiran M Sajeev - Nia (Original Mix)
  • Active Lab - Test Subject (Original Mix)
  • Corin Bayley - Artificial Intelligence (Original Mix)
  • Like It Pro - G-281 (Original Mix)
  • Ian Buff - Arcade Hero (Original Mix)
  • Rich Hepworth & Amy Kirkpatrick - Without a Sound (Para X Remix)
  • Yan Weinstock - The Light of My Life (Original Mix)
  • Nicola Maddaloni - Maddness (Original Mix)
  • Graeme Harrison - Xanthe (Allen & Envy vs Mark W Rework)
  • Accelerator & Johnny The Boy - Dark Star (Original Mix)
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