Various Artists - Recoverworld Trance Sessions 16.06

Recoverworld Trance Sessions is back with the next instalment of this ever popular series.

With the festivals and clubland in full summer swing, we have included some of the coolest underground trance out there from the likes of UP3, Obi, Andy Cain, Nick the Kid and RDK and many more.

So make sure you don't miss this eclectic selection of the strongest songs to have been gracing the live sets and radio shows of the finest DJs on the Planet.


  • Yan Weinstock - Escape (Original Mix)
  • Locus - Amon-ra (Original Mix)
  • Clay C - Paranoid (Original Mix)
  • Obi - Elliptical (Original Mix)
  • Alvaro Santis - Caronte (Original Mix)
  • UP3 - Playground (Original Mix)
  • Bryan Summerville - Sick Things (Original Mix)
  • Andy Cain - Blue Lagoon (Original Mix)
  • Nick The Kid & RDK - Light Follows Darkness (Original Mix)
  • Johnny The Boy & Accelerator - Tears in the Rain (Original Mix)
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