Various Artists - Ultimate Trance Weekender - Amsterdam

Amsterdam has long been synonymous with canals, coffee shops and hedonism. And now it's the second destination for the Recoverworld "Ultimate Trance Weekender" series of albums.

The streets of this iconic city come alive with excitement in the many music centers such as Sugar Factory, Paradiso and Melkweg. Amsterdam's reputation as a city to party in, is well deserved and we now give you the soundtrack to that party!

Fifteen massive trance tracks from Liam Wilson and Will Atkinson, Ex-Driver, Proyal, Daniel Skyver, Glynn Alan, Thomas Datt, Christian Drost, Icone and Billy Rutts are all included.

It's time to party people! Welcome to Amsterdam - Welcome to the Ultimate Trance Weekender!


  • Mike Squillo - Kaioken (Original Mix)
  • Billy Rutts - Alpha Male (Original Mix)
  • Christian Drost - Intruder (Original Mix)
  • Icone - Sagittarius (Original Mix)
  • Thomas Datt - Across the Edge (Original Mix)
  • 2Trancy - Endless Motion (Original Mix)
  • H.E.P. - Hard but Not 'Ard (Original Mix)
  • Jackob Roenald - Illusion (Original Mix)
  • Glynn Alan - Realise (Original Mix)
  • Divisional Phrase - Sigma (Original Mix)
  • Second Sine - White House (Dark Dub)
  • Daniel Skyver - Boiling Point (Original Mix)
  • Ex-Driver & Satellite - Flashback (Original Mix)
  • Proyal - Helix (Original Mix)
  • Liam Wilson & Will Atkinson - The Hurricane (Peter Hulsmans Aggressive Club Storm)
'Ultimate Trance Weekender - Amsterdam' is available now from Beatport