Various Artists - Ibiza - The Closing Parties

In June we said "Hola" as the summer kicked off in earnest. And all too quickly we now say "Adios" as the craziness draws to a close, on yet another unforgettable season on the Island that never sleeps - Ibiza.

2015 has seen a huge resurgence on the trance scene and we have included fifteen unforgettable summer smash hits, giving you the perfect sound track to go with your perfect holiday memories. Trance supremos including


  • JERZYK - When You're with Me (Original Mix)
  • Frank Dueffel - Injector (Original Mix)
  • Janina T - Gated Butterfly (Original Mix)
  • Liam Wilson & Grez Turner - The Optimist (Original Mix)
  • John Askew - Bored of You, Bored of Me (David Forbes Remix)
  • Glynn Alan - Bitter (Original Mix)
  • Icone - Luna (Skyborn Remix)
  • Ilya Soloviev & Rishi Franklin - Shores of Light (Original Mix)
  • The Cracken - Pegaz (Original Mix)
  • Danila Kraev - Still Water Runs Deep (Laura May Remix)
  • Thomas Datt - Across the Edge (John Dopping Void)
  • Laura May - Stars (Original Mix)
  • Astuni - Ultra (Original Mix)
  • Second Life - Ninja Killer (Original Mix)
  • Jonny Quigley - Emotive (Original Mix)
'Ibiza - The Closing Parties' is available now from Beatport