Realm F Versus Rankey - Nairobi

Stand by for the 13th release on Discover. Unlucky for some they say, but not for us as Discover bring you another potential trance classic in the making.

The original mix of Nairobi contains all the 'discover' elements that give the label its distinctive sound and caught the ear of our A+ R supremo John Askew.

Strong melody, a hint of vox and deep driving bass and percussion – its all here to such a degree that we knew we needed an extra special remix worthy of the complete the package.…

Enter Alex M.o.r.p.h. with his debut for the label in this guise. He has delivered what we think is quite literally one of the highest quality productions we have ever heard. If you liked his mix of ATB's 'Marrakech' then you will love this.

Discover end the year in exactly the same way they started it….. in style…


  • Realm F Versus Rankey - Nairobi (Alex M.O.R.P.H's Synthetic Empire Remix)
  • Realm F Versus Rankey - Nairobi (Original Mix)
'Nairobi' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.