Lostly - Trance Academy: Acid Revolution (Mixed by Lostly)

Lostly's triumphant UK debut at the suitably titled Acid Revolution event in Brighton sparked a wave of worldwide interest that resulted in a US tour and a fan driven demand for the talked about live set.

Hardly surprising when the set consisted of no less than 7 previously unheard Lostly originals which took the roof off the event and left fans baying for more.

Having seen the damage that the set caused at the time we are delighted to make this available to the world with both the mix and the tracks in all of their unedited full length glory.

It's time to get Lost - the acid is of course of optional!


  • Lostly - Up There (Lost For Words Mix)
  • Lostly - Rains More Now (Original Mix)
  • Lostly - No Turning Back (Original Mix)
  • Lostly - Left Behind (Original Mix)
  • Lostly - Turmstrasse (Original Mix)
  • Lostly - Wait (Original Mix)
  • Lostly - Lost Angeles (Original Mix)
  • Lostly - Almost Home (Original Mix)
  • Lostly - Not Giving In (Original Mix)
  • Lostly - Losing It All (Original Mix)
  • Lostly - Faded (Original Mix)
  • Lostly - Take This Acid (Live Edit)
  • Lostly - Acid Revolution (Continuous Mix)
'Trance Academy: Acid Revolution (Mixed by Lostly)' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.