Lostly - No Direction Home (feat. Amber Traill) [Chris York Remix]

Chris York's production catalogue is frankly second-to-none, when the opportunity arose to work with Chris on a deep house remix of Lostly and Amber Traill's exceptional 'No Direction Home' (released on our sister-label Discover Records) we jumped at the chance to have Chris on board once again.

Having appeared previously on Motion records, and running his own label 'Tweaking Tracks', Chris York also released his own single with EVE late last year 'Electronic Music' to great success.

York's take on the original drum-and-bass vocal track 'No Direction Home', enters the realm of deep house with trance-like abstractions. Traill's vocal has been slowed down rather noticeably here for a blissed-out vibe. Handclaps and wobbling bass-abounds for what could well be the more chilled-out hit of the season.


  • Lostly - No Direction Home (feat. Amber Traill) (Chris York Remix)
'No Direction Home (feat. Amber Traill) [Chris York Remix]' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.