Various Artists & Various Artists - The Dark Side of Trance - Day of the Dead

As people around the world prepare to face their fears and celebrate "Dia de los Muertos" - THE DAY OF THE DEAD, the dark souls here at Recoverworld Towers are no different!

We now bring you the very best selection of dark trance, guaranteed to send shivers down your spine!
Terrifyingly brilliant tracks from dark warlords John Askew, Activa, Gary Maguire, Oberon, Peter Plaznik, Origin, Liam Wilson, Deathmind, Peter Hulsmans, John O Callaghan and many more will ensure that the living will be enjoying the fiesta well in to the witching hour and the dead will be partying on - into eternal darkness!


  • John Askew - The Witch (Original Mix)
  • The Technicians - The Power of the Darkside (Original Mix)
  • Peter Santos - Escape (Original Mix)
  • Origin - Pitch Black (Original Mix)
  • Peter Plaznik - Black October (Original Mix)
  • Activa - Sniper (Original Mix)
  • Vicky Devine - War Of Souls (Original Mix)
  • Deathmind - Bang! (Estigma Remix)
  • Matt Skyer - Bad Trip (Original Mix)
  • Peter Hulsmans - Aggression (Original Mix)
  • John O'Callaghan - Vendetta (Original Mix)
  • Oberon - Dangerous Journey (Original Mix)
  • Johan Ekman - Shade Of Your Soul (Sly One Vs Jurrane Remix)
  • DJ Choose Pres. Powersweep - Ghost Porn (Original Mix)
  • Liam Wilson - Hidden Adventure (Original Mix)
  • Ian Booth - Hidden Reality (Original Mix)
'The Dark Side of Trance - Day of the Dead' is available now from Beatport and iTunes.