Recover Records started out as a label set up to invite new artists to remix classic tracks from the old Eve / Telica catalogues. However, it quickly grew into more than that embracing the hard trance sound to the point where by 2003 it had achieved 30 releases and was one of the biggest labels of its genre in the world.

In those early years it would also become a home for tracks and remixes by many of the most influential artists of the time including Pablo Gargano, K90, Phil Reynolds, Andy Farley, Tom Harding and Chris Hampshire (who would ultimately buy the label in 2004).

Recover Records also launched their club night in association with underground clubbing phenomena Antiworld in 2001 putting on some of the biggest and best underground parties in London under the name Recoverworld - a name that survives to this day as the hub of everything we do.

Today Recover Records is predominantly a reissues label, building a catalogue of classic tracks that have previously not cro