Biography: I was born in Bangladesh in 78, left to Germany in 79. As a child I would watch my father play various musical instruments in Germany.
I received my musical senses from him as he was a musician for more than 20 years. After coming to the United States in 1982 I grew up
watching Michael Jackson, Maddona, New Order, Information Society and many more artists from the 80's. The journey started when I was 12 years old.
I started DJ'ing on Technics 1200's making mix tapes of Rap, Freestyle, Euro and House music. I own about 3,500 vinyls of house, freestyle,
classical symphony, euro, techno and trance and after the release of Paul Van Dyk's "For an Angel" in 94 so began the journey of dance
music. My biggest influences are Daniel Kandi, Menno De Jong, Dan Stone, Mirco De Govia, Sequential One, DJ Shah, Scot Project, Robert Miles, Duran Duran (80's),
Tears For Fears (80's), Flock Of Seagulls and many many more. I continued to DJ until I was 23. I stopped DJ'ing parties because I had an urge to discover how those
dance tracks were created so I purchased my first sample based software "Magix" in 97 if I'm correct and that wasn't enough because I automatically
realized that those were samples so I went on to hardware synthesizers like Korg EMX1/Triton/ Korg ESX2/Boss. After understanding how synthesizers functioned
I went on to using music production softwares and took me about good 7 years to learn everything from Virtual Instruments/Plugins musical notes etc.
I also trained myself to create soundtracks for movies and delivered several movie scores for students who are studying in NYC colleges to become movie
directors. So, here I am now producing music.

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